Are You Ready To Lose Your First, Next, Or Last 10 Pounds...?
I'm Looking For Individuals Who Want To...
If This sounds like You...
I Want to PERSONALLY Work With You One-On-One In Your Life To Help You Lose 10+ Pounds, Take Inches Off Your Waist, & Build Muscle Over The Next 16 Weeks!
"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten."
- Tony Robbins
Why This Is The Perfect Solution...
Even If You Don't Believe You Can Right Now, Or You've Tried To Lose Weight Before
What You Can Expect:
  • Look Better: Take your shirt off with confidence at the beach or with your wife.
  • Feel Better: Feel more awake, get more restful sleep, and think more clearly.
  • Perform Better: Become alert, organized, and more energized.
*Limited Spots Remaining*

What Is The Sixpack Playbook?

The Sixpack Playbook is a very simple coaching system I designed to 10x your ordinary fitness routine and transform your nutrition without giving up the foods you love or changing to a new diet.

Most "trainers", competitors, and gurus start you off with a cheap exercise program you can get anywhere. They tack on a "meal plan" that isn't customized to your personality or body type, take a guess at the calories you need or don't need, and leave you wondering why you're not making progress.

Their path: exercise  -> tacked-on meal "plan" - > ghost

Big surprise when that doesn't work. They didn't tell you what THEY did to start. It certainly wasn't what they sold you. If you follow their advice, you won't be seeing a sixpack anytime soon.

Let's change that. 

#1. The Sixpack Playbook Starts You With A System

The biggest mistake most people make in life is not realizing that trackable nutrition accounts for 90%+ of any progress you make. This goes against the current gym trainer focus of giving you a workout plan, some supplements, and MAYBE giving you a meal plan while having poor follow up and/or no nutritional certifications or training. 

As a certified nutrition coach, I created this playbook to change the entire process. Just like any sports team does, a playbook gives you the weapons you need to fast track this whole process.

#2. The Sixpack Playbook Offers You Shortcut Tools

My nutrition program supplies you with all the tools to get the job done. The Playbook gives you a toolbox that you can use to get your machine going FAST. 

I'm not talking about a quick meal plan and workout guide. I'm talking about custom-programmed macro calculators, diet trackers, meal planners, grocery planner, physical exercise equipment, physical dumbbells, supplement stacks, food scale, bodyweight scales, etc. REAL tools.

Inside the program, you'll have access to downloadable tools, and your physical tools will be shipped directly to your home.

#3. The Sixpack Playbook Offers Nutrition Coaching

This might surprise some people, but you will never get in shape or have sixpack abs following a simple workout plan or running regimen that you got from Instagram or popular website. You need a scientifically-backed formula and a little mindset shift. You don't have to eat 'clean foods' or food you hate. Ever.

That's where the Sixpack Playbook comes in.


Fitness, Ab, & Cardio System - Home or Gym

The Sixpack Playbook will give you a complete 16 week gym and home workout regimen for your body, abdominal, & cardio workouts. You'll have a complete program schedule for getting those abs to pop!

Motivation, Mindset, Nutrition Guides & Workbooks

Your mind can be trained to attain your ideal physique, to feel energized, to look better, to have more confidence, to attract a partner, to be more attractive to your partner, and to love yourself more often. It is the secret of secrets amongst the fitness greats.

"I never believed I was average, and that alone is a big reason I wasn't." - Arnold Schwarzenegger

Supplement Stacks

You will receive a supplement stack, including Whey Protein, Pre-Workout, and BCAA's, to start and finish your 16 weeks of coaching!

Fitness Journal (Physical)

You'll get your own fitness and nutrition journal complete with a workout planner, exercise tracker, nutrition tracker, goal organizer, challenge worksheets, body fat measurement tracker, weight loss tracker, step tracker, and more! 

Fitness Equipment

I'll give you the tools and equipment to workout at the gym or at home. With access to interchangeable dumbbells, bench, pull-up bars, and more, you'll no longer be able to give yourself any excuses for skipping the gym. I'll bring the gym to you.

Nutrition Cheat Sheets, Checklists, & Guides

Need cheat sheets and checklists for your nutrition, grocery shopping, or macro needs? We've got you covered. These colorful, easy-to-read cheat sheets can be downloaded, printed, or accessed on your phone and tablet for easy access.


Read This Before Going ANY further:
From Beau Morrow, Washington, D.C.

Just a few years outside of college, and I was struggling to come to terms with who I was.

I had wrestled and played soccer in high school, and I had continued playing soccer in the summer leagues and throughout college. I was never ripped, but I had always had a lean body due to playing sports. 

Honestly, I thought I'd always be like that, and now I was out of shape and facing the consequences of my decisions.
I Was Stuck...
My former college athlete body was gone, my sleep cycle was off, my nutrition was non-existent, and worst of all - I was unhappy.
"This is my life, I guess. Better make the best of it." I thought to myself

I was working as an overweight third shift security guard, and I had settled into life after college. Because of my night time work shift, I was gaining weight and losing sleep at any alarming rate.

The thing is, I wasn't prepared to change. To be honest, I didn't even know I COULD change. I thought I was stuck and this was it for me. 

But I Knew That I Couldn't Stay Unhappy.

Something had to change.

But I didn't know how. I looked at my job, thinking I just needed to get a new opportunity. I looked at different openings in the area, but the economy wasn't good, and there were not many jobs for me - certainly none for my degree.

My boss, a former military guy in the Coast Guard, suggested I apply at the local enlistment office. I had always dreamed of joining the military, so I went ahead and decided to try.

After talking to the recruiter for a bit, my application was processed and I was in!

And That's When It Hit Me...

There was NO way I could go to bootcamp overweight and out of shape. 

I didn't have money for a trainer or fancy meal plans, so I looked for a local gym near my apartment and bought a membership.

I didn't know what I was doing, so I stayed away from the free weights and the big dudes. I did what I saw everyone else doing and hopped onto the treadmill.

It never became more fun. The running felt like drudgery, and even worse, I noticed no change. I stuck with it for two weeks before I quit. My motivation was gone...

Sound Familiar?

Remember: It's Not Your Fault

If you're like me, you've dreamed of being able to look like others you see on TV, movies, or at the beach

And you're tired of buying products like fat-loss pills, weight loss diets, and workout plans that never seem to work.

You've probably seen dozens (maybe even hundreds at this point) of other's stories how they lost weight on something low-carb, or keto, or paleo diets.

You see other's having success on Instagram or Facebook, and you wonder why you can't seem to make sense of it all.

And now you've hit a spot where life has become more of a priority.

You might have a significant other, kids, and a small family that depends on you working long hours.

You WANT to look better, feel better, and even perform better but there are so many other things that need to get done.

What's worse, you feel terrible, you're nervous to take off your shirt at the beach or the pool, and you might even get jealous when you catch your significant other take a peak at the ones that did figure it out.

Just remember... it's not your fault.

You just haven't yet been able to see through ALL the mess of all the bogus information out there yet. Believe me, there's TONS of false information, and more comes out every day.

And the marketing companies and executives telling you something works (and then it doesn't) leads to loss of motivation.

Anyone can give you a training program. They're a dime a dozen. Ever wonder why there are thousands of free and paid training programs available and yet there are not thousands of transformations?

That's because the fitness industry is about money first and foremost.

If you and your friends get healthy, who is going to buy their exercise magazines, supplements, endless training programs, and the latest ab regimen?

Yep, when you get the answers, they stop getting paid.

But, the great news for you is I'm going to show you how to bypass all that nonsense and get real results while still being able to enjoy food.

You DON'T need gym trainers, 'clean eating', diets, or supplements to start your journey.

Once you know WHERE you're going and HOW to get there, you'll realize how easy it actually can be.

Does this sound like you?
  •  You've tried multiple diets before (and THEY didn't work)
  •  You tried to burn fat (but the RESTRICTIONS were too difficult)
  •  You've tried 'clean eating' (but it failed you, plus it's miserable)
  • ​You've lost weight (but GAINED it all back, maybe a bit more)
  • ​You're not happy with how you look (this is easy to resolve)
  • ​You're not happy with how you feel (again, solvable)
  • ​You're not happy with your performance (in bed, at work, in life)
If you've struggled with ANY of the above, it's my personal mission to guide you to food freedom and the transformation that you've dreamed about

Take me up on my offer, you have nothing to lose but the weight itself!
The average North American gym trainer charges $65 for an hour session.
The truth is you'll end up paying more at a gym for less time, focus, or nutrition than what you get from me. 
Don't pay per session. Pay per results, and allow yourself to have a "coach in your pocket" and available to speak with at any moment, not just in a gym session. 

You'll have the freedom to fit your schedule based upon your needs, persistent accountability, nutritional guidance, every physical tool you need (such as workout equipment and scales), 24/7 communication, and a more cost-effective training option with higher chance of success.
Only 12 sessions per month at $79 per session = $948 PER month! Crazy!
But... This Offer Is Not For Everyone
WARNING: The Coaching Spots Are Limited. I Take Only 10 Clients At A Time.
While I would love to train anyone that wants it, I can't offer the premium service that I do if I take everyone.
So I am only taking the most dedicated and willing-to-grow individuals right now and keeping the group small. At this moment, I have 5 more spots to fill.
Try It Out 100% Risk-Free!
If you don't see any improvements in 30 days or are at all not completely satisfied with the program, I will personally work with you for an additional 4 months FOR FREE to get you the body you deserve. That's a possible 8 month training PERSONAL and CUSTOMIZED coaching service to get you where you want to be!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

4 Months/ 16 weeks - This allows you to have enough time to go through all four phases of my system and achieve spectacular results!

Absolutely! Your nutrition coaching comes with a custom-tailored workout regimen based off what you're able to use (bodyweight, home gym, or regular gym) and it's delivered inside of my coaching app so you have all your metrics, weights, progress and biofeedback in one simple place.
Yes! Depending on the month's promotion, I will be offering bonuses of receiving dumbbells, bench, pull-up bars, supplement stacks, etc. I want you to have all the tools you need to effectively transform the way you want.
It is much cheaper than a gym trainer and membership package (as shown above), but it is priced so that I can offer you premium coaching and physical equipment to reach your goals. Some may not be able to afford it, and I'm fine with that. You pay for what you get. Those that do pay for this coaching are extremely more dedicated because they have completely bought in and know they're going to get results.
Yes, every week I will check in on you on Mondays & Fridays. On Monday we will adjust your numbers and workouts as necessary.
No, there are no foods you must eat. There are foods that are preferable and suggested (such as your vegetables), but nothing is specifically required.
Some clients may start off with one if I deem the structure necessary. Because while meal plans can be effective short-term, they do not teach you how to prepare your own meals or track your nutrients. In a sense, they become a crutch. I want you to be able to make any meal, with any composition of nutrients you need, in order to have long-term success.
You can drink alcohol. That being said, there are compelling studies that indicate that alcohol inhibits muscle repair and promotes bulging guts.
I will recommend that you do not drink alcohol while on my program. How important is your goal? Can you set aside and sacrifice things or people that will prevent you from becoming what you want to be?
Absolutely. Between Zoom, Phone Calls, and App Texting, you get the premium coaching service you need.
Yes, this is required. But it's easy, and I show you how to do it.

Caloric intake is a clear metric that helps us progress through the system. If you do not track your food (which I will teach you how to do), then I cannot objectively plan for your success and adjust your numbers as the weeks go on. I will guide you through the entire process.
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